Only 1 gm hemoglobin ! Doctor is shocked, how is she alive? Whether it is strange or something else, the amount of hemoglobin in the blood of this woman is only one gram per dl. Yet it’s alive. Yes, this is absolutely true and this incident has surprised the doctors.

Only 1 gm hemoglobin! Doctor is shocked, how is she alive?

This surprisingly unique case has emerged from the tribal-dominated districts of Banswara, Rajasthan’s Udaipur division. Where medical is looking at it as a challenge for science, People are treating it as something unique in nature.

The amount of hemoglobin in blood running in the body of female God wife Jiva resident of Amliwata village of Ghatol sub-region of Banswara district is only one gram per dl. Astonishingly, this information was found when she was admitted to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Banswara District Headquarters on the following day due to fever. This case has also been confirmed by Labor Incharge Sharad Trivedi of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Banswara.

The doctors were shocked when they came to the blood report and they did not believe that there could be some survival on the amount of such hemoglobin. But these patients are alive and doctors are busy in intensive investigations.
Abusive puzzles, not falling throat, should be between the amount of hemoglobin

Doctors are seeing this phenomenon as a complex puzzle for medical science and are discussing this patient with each other. When doctors made blood report of Goddess Wife Jiva, their senses became frozen when they were reported.
Due to the scam of doctors, the relatives of the patient have also become disturbed. The fact that there is less blood than a gram in God’s body is not being taken by physicians and they are expressing how it can be. In this regard physicians have also spoken with Lab Incharge.

According to Sharad Trivedi, lab incharge of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital of Banswara, a woman recruited woman Goddess Jeeva, a resident of Amlivata village in Ghatol subdivision area of ​​Banswara district. Its hemoglobin is coming less than one gram per dl. The patient is still alive even when it is so low. Normal women should have hemoglobin 12 to 18 grams per density liter.

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