The 12 year old boy Stole bus and ran for 40 minutes. People from Guangzhou city of south-east China were surprised when a 12-year-old boy saw a bus running on the streets of the city. The more surprising fact was that the child stole this bus.

The 12 year old boy Stole bus and ran for 40 minutes

Seeing the child running the bus, the people informed the police about it. Police also came into action and caught the child. By then it had been 40 minutes while running the bus. In this 40-minute driving, the child did not harm any person walking.

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According to the local media, this kid stole this bus from the bus terminal located in Zhengcheng district and ran for 10 km till police was caught. The bus company tracked it with the help of GPS system in it. A eyewitness made the video of a child running the empty bus. In it the glass of the window of the bus was broken.

The police caught the child and took him to the local police station, although no case was registered due to his low age. It could not be ascertained whether the child started the bus by thinking. Against the child, a case of a burglary is recorded before.

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