PATNA: 13 train accidents, even in nine months of the year, were witness to the accident. Year 2017 will be remembered for rail accidents. There are more than a dozen railway accidents in the country till September by the addition of Shaktipunj Express Railway Accident in Obara on Thursday. Let’s put a look –

train accidents

13 train accidents, even in nine months of the year, were witness to the accident

1. January 22, 2017: Jagdalpur-Bhubaneshwar Hirachand Express crashed in Vijayanagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. 27 passengers died in the accident, while 36 were injured.

train accidents

2. February 20, 2017: The Kalindi Express going to Delhi has become a victim of an accident at Tundla junction of Uttar Pradesh. Three coaches and engines were derailed in the collision of two trains (a ride and a goods train).

3. March 3, 2017: Bomb explodes in Bhopal-Ujjain Passenger train The hands of terrorists were told behind the dense. Eight passengers were injured in the incident near Kalpipal and Sehore railway station near Jabdi station.

4. March 17, 2017: Four women were killed in an ambulance and train collision in the Chittradurga district of Bengaluru. The accident occurred during crossing the unmanned crossing of the ambulance.

5. March 30, 2017: Mahakaushal Express derailed between Ladapur and Suma near Kulpahad station in Uttar Pradesh. About five dozen passengers were injured in the accident.

train accidents

6. April 9, 2017: The engine of the goods train derailed on Howrah-Kharagpur section of West Bengal.

7. April 15, 2017: Eight bins of State Intercity Express leaving Uttarakhand from Meerut to Lucknow derailed. More than 60 passengers were injured in the accident.

8. April 23, 2017: Two bogies of Saharsa-Patna Rajarani Express derailed in Bihar. However, there was no loss of life and property.

9. 21 May, 2017: Lokmanya Tilak Superfast Express derailed at eighteen railway tracks at Unnao railway station.

10. August 19, 2017: Six bogies of the Kalinga-Utkal express going from Puri to Haridwar are derailed in Khatauli of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. 23 were killed in the accident, while nearly a hundred were injured.

11. 23 August, 2017: 12225 (up) casualty going to Delhi from Azamgarh in Auraiya district between Kanpur and Etawah has crashed near Express Aaia. On the train unmanned gate, a late night train collided with a dumpster.

12. 29 August, 2017: Engine of Nagpur-Mumbai distant express and nine coaches derailed between Maharashtra’s Wasind and Asangaon stations due to landslides.

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