New Delhi: 15 years old girl did such work, salute to the world. In today’s era someone’s mobile or purse is stolen or searched, then it is hard to get back. But still there are many good and honest people living in this world. From time to time, these people have been presenting a new example of their honesty.

15 years old girl did such work, salute to the world – India Virals |

In this connection, the son of a janitor in Surat of Gujarat has presented such an example of honesty. The story of the honesty of this boy will surprise you. Yes, the son of the watchman returned the 45 million rupees diamond to his real owner. For this reason, this 15-year-old man was also honored.

This is the whole case: –

Surat Diamond Association (SDA) got a watchman and his 15-year-old son got a diamond bag of 45 lakh rupees. He did not keep that diamond with him, but returned to his master. For this, he was awarded last Saturday.

Diamond businessman Mansukhbhai questionna’s diamond bag had fallen from his pocket, and a large ammunition playing nearby saw the pouch and then took him to his house and showed him to the father. Her father Phulchand is a watchman, she returned the diamond union. The Sangh traced the CCTV footage and discovered the original owner of those diamonds. After this, the diamond was handed over to its owner.

In a program organized here on Saturday, the Union honored Vishal Upadhyay and his father Phoolchand for returning a diamond bag. Former Union president Dinesh Nawadia said that the Sangh also promised to bear the expenditure of one year’s education in respect of the honesty of Vishal. Let us tell you that Surat is the largest center for cutting diamonds in the world.

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