16 Year Boy Weds 71 Year Women: Marriage is a bond that mixes two hearts, but in many places you will hear about different types of weddings in the name of tradition, but in contrast to the traditions in this strange and poor case related to marriage, a minor boy Married to a 70-year-old woman.

16 year boy gets married to 71 year old woman

The disclosure of the case came when the video of this marriage became viral. Actually this is the whole matter connected to a village in Indonesia. According to Indonesian law it is said that for marriage, there should be 16 years of marriage and 19 years of age for marriage.

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16 Year boy weds 71 year women

According to Indonesian law, the boy is 16 years old and he is not technically qualified to get married. Therefore, the village officials did not allow this marriage, after which the couple threatened suicide. However, the authorities had to bow down before the love and then the authorities allowed marriage registration without registration.

It is reported that this 16-year-old boy was in love with this woman between 71 and 75, when the boy had Malaria, and the responsibility of taking care of him was taken by the woman named Rohaiya, after which 16 Salam of the year fell in love with him and he resolved to marry him.

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