200 rupees note will be issued for withdrawing from ATM. The government allowed the Reserve Bank of India to issue a Rs. 200 note on Wednesday. At the same time, the RBI has issued some of the first consignment of 200 notes to some banks, but there is a huge consolation with the logo that 200 notes are not available for withdrawing cash from ATMs. So let us tell you that at this moment, it will be in the form of normal payment or transaction.

200 rupee note

200 rupees note will be issued for withdrawing from ATM – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

It can take time to dispatch this note to ATMs. The reason is that the withdrawal of ATMs of these notes is not possible due to the absence of plates in the ATM for size of Rs 200.
Radha Ram Dorai, managing director of ATM manufacturer FIS and ATM said “There are 3-4 cassettes in a specific ATM, which are designed to handle different sizes of notes. To be able to dispatch notes of 200 rupees, the cassette will need to be reconfigured, which will take time.

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