All have 32 teeth but this 9-year-old child have 300 teeth


All have 32 teeth but this 9-year-old child have 300 teeth

New Delhi: In the age at which children’s milk starts breaking down, a child is upset with their teeth. This 9-year-old child has 32 teeth but not 300 teeth. Everything was fine till childhood, but gradually the number of teeth increased. It started growing so that the name of stop was not taking. The growing child has 300 teeth in the mouth. Philippines suffers from a hazardous disease called Johncris Hyperdoniaia. This is a very common disease. 4% of the world’s people are suffering from this disease. John passes through unbearable pain due to this illness.

x ray of 300 teeth
X-Ray 300 Teeths

There is a lot of difficulty in speaking to him. She did not eat everything like normal children. He has to be constantly under the supervision of doctors. Everything was normal in his mouth in the bowel. John had 20 teeth, but gradually he grew to 50. When X-ray happened, it was found that there are 150 teeth in the mouth; in some years more than 300 teeth have emerged in its mouth. In this way, now with the help of surgery, 40 teeth have been extracted from John’s mouth. Now she has 7 more operations.

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