This Doctor has Done his Job of Death Delivery


Death Delivery: DIt is said to be a life saving God. But saving the life of an unknown person, regardless of its life, is probably bigger than God. The condition of his own condition was so bad that he could not even stand, but he risked his life and put the other up. We are talking to a doctor. Who lost his child and delivered another delivery.

This Doctor has Done his Job of Death Delivery

This doctor is Mishra, he has included a good and unique work in his account. Thereby his discussion is everywhere. In fact, he had a case that he could not refuse, even after the condition got worse, he did his job successfully.

Can Not Become a Mother Herself, But Saved A Mother’s Life

There was a woman’s delivery in Egypt’s Luxor General Hospital in Egypt. At that time there were no other doctors except Merit Mohammad Talat (doctor) in the hospital. There were difficulties in delivery of women. It was necessary to do the operation immediately. Merwat Talat, who is a doctor, was himself a pregnant They had some problems too.

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Due to not being a second doctor, Marevat herself got ready to do the surgery. Operation was going on that there was a severe pain in the stomach in the stomach. Merwants did not stop. After this he started bleeding. They came to know that their miscarriage has happened. Even after this, they did not stop the operation. The other doctors had come, but they refused to leave the case.

Deserved to be Respected

After completion of the operation, he was admitted in the second room. They got treatment. But bypassing the problem of his, he removed the pain of another and gave him the pleasure of becoming a mother. The demand for their respect for this generosity of Merwara has been rising.

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