Why there is no Pocket in the Shirts of Girls ? What is the secret ?

Girls Shirts: Nowadays even though girls wear jeans, t-shirts, shirts, pants, trousers, just like boys. But there is a difference in the clothes of both. Have you ever noticed? Even in your shirt are pockets like your brother’s shirt. No, girls do not have pockets in the shirt.

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Why there is no Pocket in the Girls Shirts ? What is the secret ?

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However, there is no scientific reason behind the absence of pocket in girls’ shirt. But it is speculated that because of this, there is a very daunting thinking about girls. This is an issue related to our tradition and mentality.

It is said that in ancient times pockets were not made in women’s clothing. The mentality behind it was that if women wear pockets. There will definitely be something in your pocket.

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This will worsen the appearance of his body and the body will see a bulge, which will reduce the beauty of his body. This is the reason why pockets were not made in girls’ shirts.

And just like in the olden days, women are considered to be just beautiful looking. Talking about the costume, the changes have changed now. In the olden times when women had talked about keeping pockets. Then they were opposed. Now the girls are the masters of their choice and we wear the clothes of their choice despite all the protests. Now they have to keep pockets in the shirt or not.

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