Not to eat more, but because of this reason your weight can also increase

Weight Increase : Start dying to control the growing weight. They think that if they do not eat then they will lose their weight. While eating, there is weakness in the body. This is not the reason for weight gain every time. Sometimes the weight gain can be a symptom of a major disease or a worsening condition of the hormones in the body.

Not to eat more, but because of this reason your weight increase

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Hormone is known as absurdity to get more or less amount of amounts of any hormone in the body. There can be many reasons for this balance deterioration. Whatever we eat Its direct effect falls on our hormones.

Leptin: – Leptin hormone is also called a master hormone. Our task is to tell our brain that energy has been gathered in sufficient quantity in our body. So there is no need to eat more now.

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This hormone is formed in our body only. If this becomes unbalanced then the weight starts to grow. Because, due to its imbalance it seems that you are hungry and you start eating more.

Testosterone: – which strengthens the muscles. This hormone helps in reducing obesity, making a sperm, enhancing libido and strengthening bones. If its level of body decreases, fat increases in the body and irritation begins to occur.

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