Delivery of women between 12 lions Crowd


Women Child Delivery between 12 lions Crowd :  An amazing phenomenon has emerged in Gujarat. Between a group of about 12 lions, a woman has given birth to a child. While carrying the woman to hospital, the ambulance was surrounded by a herd of lions and the ambulance could not proceed. During this time, the woman suffering from labor had to undergo a delivery ambulance.

Women Child Delivery between 12 lions Crowd – India Virals |

After the onset of labor in the village of Lunsapur in Jaffarabad taluka of Amreli, the women’s household called the emergency ambulance service at 108 number. The ambulance was going to the hospital with the woman, but after coming forward from the village, there was a bunch of about 12 lions in front of the ambulance. The lions surrounded the ambulance and the ambulance was stuck there.

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Ambulance workers told that they stopped the ambulance and waited for the lions to leave, but the lions were not moving away from there. During this, bleeding started with a woman giving birth to a pregnant woman. In such a situation, the ambulance staff had to deliver in the carriage. For this, talking to the doctor on the phone, as per their stated delivery, in about half an hour.

During this time, the lions continued to revolve around their vehicle. Later, after keeping the newborn in Baby Wormer, the driver slowly tried to remove the car from there. After a little embarrassment he got success Later, the woman and the newborn were admitted to the Jafarabad Government Hospital.

According to Shermumbulan workers, they have often faced lions in such a way. Lions are often seen in villages of Amreli. For this reason, their staff has been given training to cope with such a situation.

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