This woman surprised doctors by becoming a mother at the age of 101

This old woman surprised doctors by becoming mother age 101. Doctors believe that with the age, fertility is reduced or exhausted in the world, but in Italy, a woman has surprised the world of science as well as the world by giving birth to the child at the age 101.

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This 101-year-old Italian woman has become the mother of a 9-pound child after ovary transplantation. After this news, it was criticized in the medical world. This was because ovarian transplantation despite the female’s mature age.

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The woman’s ovary was transplanted by Dr. Alexandra Popoliki in a private clinic in Turkey. In pursuit Transplantation operation many controversies have also been born because it is considered illegal under European laws.

Mother Anatolia Vertadella considers the birth of her 17th child Francisco as the divine blessing. He told that after giving birth to 16 children, he was feeling himself worthless and punished from the age of 48 due to ovarian cancer, but once again he became proud after becoming a mother.

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