For Entertainment here openly sold rape videos at Rs 20


For Entertainment here openly sold rape videos at Rs 20. is a side where the provision of government strict laws and penalties to include an end to incidents of rape. There are some people on the other side which are engaged in embarrassment to humanity. Rape victim could not recover from the pain of a lifetime. While some Begart people are the business of selling it assuming entertainment video rape. Here are openly sold these videos.

Rape videos


Here meet rape videos

In many parts of Uttar Pradesh is running the business of selling rape videos. The video to “Local films are found here in the name of”. These video duration is from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and all this under the counter at various kiosks State are sold with great caution.

Rape videos

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Price Limit

According to Jyadattr shoppers these videos is the video store they get stolen or see which mobile to another mobile. These videos are they sell 200 rupees from 20 rupees.

Rape videos

Are against the exemption

Surprisingly, it is that when the police ever raided even those they soon become free on bail, and again back are engaged in this business. No bail for those heinous crimes rather hard of hard should be punished.

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