You will not be able to believe seeing the strange things that are happening around the world

  1. In 1948, when Pakistan did not have enough facilities, the Reserve Bank of India issued provisional notes of Pakistani Rupees. On top of them was the stamp of the Pakistan government. Pakistan started printing notes itself in late 1948.

Strange Things Happening Around World – India Virals |

Strange Things Happening Around World – India Virals |

  1. Prince Charles and Prince William always travel in different planes so that if there is an accident, then at least one survivor can survive.

  2. Cockroaches were present from the dinosaurs on this earth 12 million years ago

  3. Hitler had Alorofobia, in which man is afraid of cats. This was Phobia, Alexander the Great (Alexander the Great), Napoleon and Mussolini.

  4. Due to global warming, land dispute was settled between India and Bangladesh. The name of the disputed area was New Moore, or South Talpatti. But in 2010, the island was submerged due to global warming. No island, no dispute

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