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Movie review of Toilet: Ek Prem Katha starring Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Pednekar, Anupam Kher, Divyendu Sharma directed by Shri Narayan Singh and produced by Neeraj Pandey.

Toilet Movie Review: Toilet – Ek prem katha – India Virals

Since coming into the market, the name of the movie was the center of joke – Toilet: A Love Story There was a love story in the in-laws toilet, it had to be seen. Though the case of watching the trailer was understandable but since I am a freakee of ‘Freaky Ali’ and ‘Suicide Squad’, I do not believe in saying good or bad by watching a trailer. Trailer your place, your place in the pitcher.

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Seeing the trailer, what was the matter. But since there was a two-and-a-half-hour-long film, it was about to be a drama. Akshay Kumar i.e. Keshav and Land Pedekarkar i.e. Jaya’s love story Villain – defecation and thinking. The same old Vidya Balan Government Ad – ‘Where To Think Toilet’ The same add up to the spread and made a pitch.

The story is from Nandgaon’s Near Mathura. An area where the mobile revolution has just arrived. Dish TV is dominated. Sunny Leoni is in demand. The beginning of the day of the old age of the village is from ‘sleeping baby dolls’ on TV. In such a tragedy, a man with a motorcycle and a bicycle shop, chases a girl. In Bollywood, it is called ‘love’. She follows her. Keeps photos from mobile If it comes, then the video is made. It keeps coming and going. Then one day the girl tries to scam her, then Papi takes a cut by making a kiss.

They say, ‘I have not seen you from that sight and love has been made true.’ The girl gets confused. The boy pretends to be angry and the girl reaches to celebrate it. In the same area’s vocabulary, ‘setting’ becomes. Just 80-90 of Bollywood. In such cases, such boys face the “Shohade” tag, photographs in the newspaper,

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Ek prem katha – India Virals

The girl gets married. From the same chasing boy The girl comes in the house and she comes to know two things:

1. This boy was not the first marriage. Earlier, she was married to a buffalo because the boy was mangal.

2. There is no room for stutter in the house. To be lightweight will have to go out.

The first thing was to get rid of laughter and grief. But Garri got stuck on the other points. There was no room in the house. The new daughter-in-law had to take a lot and go to the other side of the village. The daughter-in-law was a read-write. Things like Sanskar and Tamim were buried under the books of science. He rebelled. Back home I will not tell further.

There are some things in the movie that look very good. The film director Shri Narayan Singh has given the soul of a small town. This may be the effect of Neeraj Pandey ‘s harmony. Shri Narayan had earlier edited Neeraj Pandey’s ‘Special 26’, ‘Baby’ and ‘MS Dhoni’. In these films, all the other things of the character have been shown in the best possible way. Producer of this film is also Neeraj Pandey with Akshay Kumar. There is no excuse left to show lathandar of a small town. In the name of goggles, cheap copy, second copy and big glasses, changing the names of big brands, similar tshirts, videos on the mobile are making a great atmosphere. People coming from places like Lucknow, Kanpur, Sitapur, Hardoi and Faizabad will connect equally.

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It was necessary to make this movie. However, those who refuse to do this film are saying that this is a two-and-a-half hour long government ad, but there is a range of ads coming on TV. He could not catch that range which could catch the film. For instance, in an ad, it can not be shown that a tractor forced to light on women sitting in the field is light beating them. In an ad, such a strong language can not be used as one film can be done. As much as this movie has done. There are so many things in this movie that have been said that will make you uncomfortable, but they know it important.

What is perhaps the greatest thing that has been done with it is that it has been openly about the idiocy of the name of religion and culture. Keshav has been shown the boy of a Brahmin house and at least he has been spoken openly, as open talk was not yet made about religion and caste in films. Married to a boy’s cow, a father’s stubbornness in the courtyard that does not seem to have a tulsi, the Sarpanch’s village Sarpanch has taken a lot of enthusiasm for the benefit of his half-heartedness and his intention behind it.

Toilet Movie Review: Toilet – Ek prem katha – India Virals –

But the problem arises in the place where an agenda appears in this movie. In the beginning of the film, Narendra Modi is compared to Gandhiji through a caption. Talk of the issue, the thing of cleanliness in the country disappears. In one place, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh appears to be praising the ban on Mr Modi’s note-taking. This seems like the same thing as Briyani account-eating cardamom came in the mouth. Cardamom is necessary but not on the condition that it will be chewed.

The film has more emphasis on dramas and less emphasis on facts. The scams that show the government’s lewd work are also four years old. There was no talk about how many progress in four years or why Modi did not work about it after the formation of the government. It was shown that there was no defect in any plans that came about after the Modi government came to the toilet,

Toilet Movie Review: Toilet – Ek prem katha – India Virals

Apart from this, Bollywood thought that after chasing the girl with the boy and giving her the name of love, When the Hindi films will be released from this disease, it is waiting.
The film is weighing in the center of the mill, but in other cases it is very light. The film should be made but even more carved, it would have been better if it was refined. There are many places yawing for two and a half hours. Removes phone and wants to mess-up. Everything else is fine. Akshay Kumar is just standing next to the threshold of being called Manoj Kumar. Everything else is fine.

Toilet Movie Review: Toilet – Ek prem katha – India Virals –

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