Mumbai’s most historical black truth

Mumbai’s most historical black truth. Mumbai is known as the economic capital of India, here is the second red light area of ​​India named Kamtipura. It was named as Kamtipura by the name of the workers of Andhra Pradesh.

historical Black truth

There are five thousand prostitutes in this place in two hundred rooms. The place was constructed in 1924 in the form of a ashchah for the British for its cenico. And the prostitutes were called from abroad.

historical Black truth

In the year 1928, these women were licensed for this work.But in the year 1950, the government had banned this work. Then here the girls were brought here by greed and they were given injunction by addictive injection This work was done.

historical Black truth

Prannana NGO had said in a report that poor women of West Bengal and Bangladesh were brought to Mumbai by lure. They were addicted to drugs and forced to work in this swamp and forcibly this work was done. It was reported in the report that most human trafficking occurs in Asia and 1.5 lakh people are smuggled every year.

In India, more girls are smuggled from Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and are delivered to Mumbai.

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