These TV actresses want to leave this big serial


These TV actresses want to leave this big serial. Fans are desperate to see actress Kanchi Singh again on the screen once she says goodbye to the television serial Yeh Rishtaa. Let’s tell that after saying goodbye to this serial, now Kanchi wants to do the challenge. Let us tell you that Kanchi had played Gayatri in this relationship. Well now Kanchi wants to experiment as an artist.

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According to Kanchi, the reason for leaving this relationship is what is the reason that I want to expand or know myself. It was a beautiful journey for me, but the need to continue development as an artist. She said that I want to grow and experiment in learning as an artist. I would like to work in the next such show whose story revolves around my character.

She further said I am also interested in non-fiction but it should be easy. Let’s say that Kanchi’s name has been associated with his co-star Rohan Mehra. Although both of them have not said anything about their relationship so far.

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