Russian President Putin warns: North Korea can cause global catastrophe


Putin Warning

Russian President Putin warns: North Korea can cause global catastrophe. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin warned that there will be a danger of global catastrophe unless the diplomatic solution is reached to North Korea’s issue. However, he termed the American appeal to be “useless” to impose more restrictions on North Korea, which is being seen as a difference in the world’s two super powers about the modus operandi of Pyongyang.


Russian President Putin warns: North Korea can cause global catastrophe – India Virals |

Putin’s observations show that the lines have been drawn up in the United Nations, where Moscow and China will be on one side and America and its allies on the other side. The US had yesterday demanded that North Korea should take “stringent possible steps” against him on the issue of the trial of hydrogen bomb. After this call, his deadlock and deepness continued with the international community about North Korea’s banned weapons program. The United Nations Security Council has so far imposed seven types of sanctions on North Korea.

United States, South Korea and Japan, along with members of the Security Council France and Britain have demanded strict sanctions against North Korea. However, Putin made it clear that Russia was against more sanctions. While China, which is considered the patron of North Korea and the closest political and financial partner, has not yet clarified its stand on the issue, but it seems that it will oppose the pressure on Pyongyang.

After the ‘BRICS summit’, he told reporters in the Shyamnagar city of China, “It is useless and ineffective to impose any restrictions in such situations. This can cause global catastrophe and a large number of people can be victims of this. Putin said that Russia condemns North Korea’s “provocation” However, he called for a talk and asked to avoid such a situation that the crisis would increase.

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