PM Modi targets China on excuse of Myanmar


New Delhi: PM Modi targets China on excuse of Myanmar. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived on a visit to Myanmar, has insisted on strengthening relations with Myanmar. On Myanmar tour, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held delegation level talks with Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi.

PM Modi targets China

PM Modi targets China on excuse of Myanmar – India Virals |

The two leaders addressed the shared press briefing after the talks. There are 11 agreements between India and Myanmar. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “All parties should work together to maintain the unity and integrity of Myanmar.”

PM Modi said that India understands the challenges of Myanmar and will do all possible help to establish peace here. Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Myanmar is happening in a time when 1,25,000 Rohingya refugees are on the border of Bangladesh and international pressure is being taken against Myanmar. The army is taking action against Rohingyas minorities in Rakhine.

PM Narendra Modi Salary, Modi Government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a joint press conference that India is with him in the challenges of Myanmar. Suu Kyi and Prime Minister Modi discussed bilateral issues and stressed on strengthening ties. Prime Minister Modi also expressed concern over the violence in Rakhine province. Also expressed concern over the death of ordinary citizens and soldiers.
In a joint statement with Sookie, PM Modi said, “We understand the challenges you are

facing for peace.” Rohingya Muslims are coming to India by fleeing Myanmar. Nearly 40 thousand Rohingya refugees are living illegally in India. Here the Indian government is preparing to send them back.

Suu Kyi thanked India for taking a strong stand on Myanmar’s terrorism. PM Modi said in his speech that the warm welcome that I have received here is feeling like I am in my own house. He announced that India will provide Visa (free) visa to the citizens of Myanmar.

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