Smokers have a bad effect on the mind


Mumbai: New research has revealed that smokers are more at risk of drinking and having psychiatric risk compared to non-smokers. In the new research, it has been revealed that smokers are more likely to suffer from drinking and having psychiatric problems than those who do not smoke. This research was done by the Asian Heart Institute.

Smokers have a bad effect on the mind

Research has shown that a large number of people adopt this habit to reduce stress or get pleasure.

How To Research –

Today on World Heart Day this research has been issued “the reason for smoking in people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, the benefits of quitting it”. It includes 2,951 patients from the age of 18 years or more between February 2016 to August 2017.

Research –

The purpose of this research is to find a pattern in smokers and prepare a consultation list to tell how much time the body benefits when leaving this habit.

Expert –

The Asian Heart Institute Vice Chairman and MD Ramakant Panda said that WHO’s statistics show that people are being avoided by the habit of warning about the adverse effects of smoking on the packet in the graphic. Thus, the number of such people in 78 countries is 3.5 billion.

What the survey says –

Surveys show that smokers are more likely to suffer from alcohol drinking and psychotherapy than those who do not smoke. Apart from this, it was reported in the research that a person who smokers consumes the first cigarette in less than four hours of waking up.

People drink therefore cigarettes –

Statistics show that 36.5 percent people smoke habitually, 24.2 percent to reduce stress and 22.2 percent enjoy cigarettes. Only 15.4 percent of the people believed that they were addicted.

When asked how they were motivated to leave this habit, 67.7% of people said the reason for their health.

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