World Record: The world’s largest beer raiser


World Record: The world’s largest beer raiser. People in the world keep doing something to create their own records to create their own identity. Some people drink beer and make a world record, then some people eat food. But a new case of making a world record of a man from Germany has emerged. Olivier Struffle, living in Germany’s Brewiya city, had recently planned to build the world-record of lifting most beer mugs together.

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World Record, Largest beer raiser,

In which his plan was that he would take 31 mugs filled with beer from one table and put it on another table, 40 meters away.

During this time, Oliver Strengle got success. Together they took the 29 mugs and created a world-record. The weight of these mugs filled with beer was more than 69 kilograms.
Oliver Strumple had a record of raising 25 beers full of beer in 2014. But now he has set a world-record by taking 29 mugs, breaking his previous record.

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