Sania Mirza is not a Pakistani daughter-in-law if this Indian Bollywood actor has not cheated.

Sania-Shahid Relationship Mystery: A sensational news about Indian tennis player Sania Mirza is coming out. This is the news that will shake everyone. As everyone knows, there has always been reports of relationships between Bollywood and Indian players.

Sania-Shahid Relationship Mystery-

This news related to Sania Mirza is from Bollywood itself. Yes .. It has been reported that once Sania Mirza was in a relationship with an Indian Bollywood actor, she had betrayed Sania Mirza.

If this Bollywood actor had not betrayed Sania Mirza, then today Sania Mirza would be Pakistani daughter-in-law but Hindustani was a daughter-in-law. The actor who betrayed Sania Mirza is an actor Shahid Kapoor.

Yes, there was a time when Shahid Kapoor and Sania used to be in the relationship. Together with the sports world, Sania is also very fond of Bollywood. Things are the days when Shahid Kapoor was not married.

Producer Karan Johar had a party in his house and Shahid Kapoor and Sania were also invited in this party. Both of them met in the same party. Slowly, both of them got to know life and they came closer to each other.

Supposing the sources, Shahid Kapoor liked Sania Mirza and she started dating him. But after this, Shahid Kapoor betrayed Sania Mirza and her kareena became obsessed with Kapoor and Shahid left Sania Mirza.

However, along with Kareena, their relationship was not successful and the two were broken. After much speculation, Shahid was married to Mira Rajput. But after being cheated by Shahid Kapoor, Sania Mirza married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. But if Shahid Kapoor did not cheat Sania Mirza, she would not be a Pakistani daughter-in-law today.

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