Youtube’s subscription service is to start in India and pay money to watch videos.


Youtube Subscription Service start India: Many of you who run your channel on YouTube will also be your channel’s subscriber, and some will earn money, but now Google has given you a new way to make money. Now you’ll be able to get money from your subscribers and viewers via your YouTube channel. This feature was not yet started in India but it has now become live.Youtube Subscription Service start India.

Youtube Subscription Service start India-

After YouTube’s feature is live, the one who runs the channel can initiate a subscription service and ask the audience for exclusive content. When we checked gadgets to use the channel had an option of Rs 159 for 1 month subscription.

However, they deserve channels that have more than 1, 00000 subscribers. They can also start pay subscriptions and charge a monthly fee of Rs 320, i.e., up to 4.99 dollars from their subscriber. Google has also said that items like video-making shirts or phone covers will also be sold on their channels.

For example, if you like a video of a YouTube and you subscribed to his channel, that channel might ask you for money. You have to pay for money or you won’t be able to see the video.

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