If you also pay the fees for June, then you will not have to fill it, this is the rule.

Cp no 5812 2015: If you also pay the fees for June, then you will not have to fill it, this is the rule! You know the rising inflation of today! How difficult it is to walk home today! It is becoming more difficult to get the cost of the children from the studies of children! What to do if you do this now! It is necessary to do all the work! But all these things are the most important of their children’s futures, their studies! Actually, there are some families who are unable to pay private school fees! If someone can read some of his children by licking his hands and feet! So this is done by the private school of the people!

Cp no 5812 2015-

Now you take the leave fee only! The school closes in June, July! Even then school fees are charged! No one can ask them what time it is! Why do we have to teach children, we have to give them! But now just ask your pride that you have the right! There is no need to pay the fee for the fugitive! His stomach will never be filled! One such rule was introduced by the government, which would not have to pay the leave fee.

According to this rule, no private school will be able to avail the holidays, i.e., for the month of July. And if the school refuses the fee after the refusal, then it will take action against him! In which its recognition can also be canceled and the school can be closed too!

Candidates can also complain about this for the police! Even if someone has deposited the fees in Advance, then ask for back or adjust in next month! If the school does not pay fees or do not adjust, then complain in the police! If you do not hear the police complain on the CM window!

This is the order of the High Court! Cp.no 5812 of 2015, (G-111) SE 2L / PS / HC / 3-859 / 18 will be processed under this rule! It is not in India but in Pakistan! It’s implemented in Karachi!

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