Windows 95 phone is the atheist nightmare which you will soon be dreaming.


Window 95 Phone Nightmare: Windows 95 has extended a huge step forward for Microsoft’s operating system. I mean, come on, it was no Windows XP, but the Start button has made Windows revolutionary. It was a big side where we are today with Windows 10 and accordingly, Windows 95 maintains a special place in the heart of someone on which the computer was back.

Window 95 Phone Nightmare-

Aesthetically, the mole and gray mixture of Windows 95 became very sharp. It wasn’t painful enough to watch, but they say fashion and trends are cyclical, and it proves Tastefully offensive rendering of the Windows 95 mobile phone by the Russian animator 4096. It seems, somewhat odd, brilliant!

The simulated layout that uses, despite a cute charm and functionality, failed famously on Microsoft Windows Phone. It takes tiles and gives them the immediate recognizable pixelated goodness of Windows 95. It gets loaded completely with the Paperclip helper of Word 97, full Microsoft Word 97 with Clippy. The interesting thing is that with Siri, Apple had gone back in the day with Clippy, it seems that Apple hasn’t come much further.

Window 95 Phone Nightmare

If you’re wondering, yes, Windows 95 phones come with Start button which will revolutionize the use of your smartphone. Other functions include sound recorder and exclusive access to apps from the Windows 95 store. There’s also seamless windows integration with modern apps, so you’ll be able to submit Apple WhatsApp and Twitter to steel and gray.

Unfortunately, it is only a concept piece to render, but you never know. If we can make enough noise about it, then maybe Microsoft would listen to us.

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