Karnataka: Chief Minister Kumaraswamy will present the first budget today .

First Budget Present JDS Today: Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumarasavami is going to present the state budget today, which will be the first budget of the Congress-public (secular) government. But, all gaze in this budget will be on crop loan forgiveness, which he  promised in the electoral declaration. The Chief Minister promised in his electoral manifesto that he would waive a former loan of around 53 thousand crores within 24 hours of assuming office.

First Budget Present JDS Today-

Rahul remember statement Kumaraswamy

However, the full majority did not meet the cites Kumarasavami assured that they would waive the loan in a phased manner in the state. Congress president Rahul Gandhi also raised the issue of debt forgiveness.

Rahul remember statement Kumaraswamy

He tweeted – “On the eve of the Karnataka budget I am fully convinced that the Congress-JDS coalition government will waive the farmers ‘ debts to make their promises beneficial to farming. This budget will be an opportunity for our government to awake the expectation of farmers in Karnataka doing so.

cm siddaramaiah dozing off rally

Kumarasavami amid considerable expectations, may faced tough challenges on Thursday, especially when former chief minister Siddharmaiah, chairing the Coordination committee of the coalition government, has decided that the welfare schemes of the previous Congress government have time to Lake The announcements that were made will continue.

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