Adult film played at Delhi Metro Station, DMRC And police unaware .


Adult film Delhi Metro station: Adult film on the screen of the Delhi Metro station has unfolded a sensational case of walking. It is reported that a video of adult film was played on a screen at Delhi’s Rajiv Chowk Metro station on April 9. Some people started recording it from their mobile phone. Then now these videos have gone viral.

Adult film Delhi Metro station –

DMRC’s spokesperson Anuj Dayal said that we do not have information about such an incident. This screen was given to private contractors for test. This work is not yet complete. We’re checking that no video has been played on that screen. Also, he said that we would move to avoid such incidents.

According to media reports, the time slot that the video played on the screen was reserved by metro Administration for commercial video play. DMRC has issued the order of inquiry carrying out the matter immediately after the address was made.

According to sources, it all happened at around 4.30 on April 9. According to the police, no one has given them any complaints, so the investigation of this case has not started on their behalf.

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