With this beneficial domestic you can become rich, just do this little thing.


Benefits Coconut-Saffron-Peepal: Everybody in life wants to be rich, for which he makes every effort. It’s easy and difficult to be rich. Not everyone is in luck. There is a safe in every house, in which the treasure of the money is always filled, it is everyone’s first ambition.

Benefits Coconut-Saffron-Peepal-

Everyone wants that his safe is never empty, in such a situation if you have this desire, then take these tricks at once, do you know, the lock of your locked locker will open? Yes, today we will introduce you to some such tricks, which will remove all your financial problems. And in your safe also, Lakshmi Mata’s habit will remain. So you know what things are included in this link, so that you can become rich.

Pipal (Ficus religiosa) Leaves

Pipal (Ficus religiosa) tree is found anywhere in the village, but it is found anywhere in cities. In such a way you will not have to get too much trouble to get its leaves, because this leaf will be easily available to you. Yes, keeping Peepal leaves in the safe will greatly benefit you. For this, you have to put ghee and vermilion on the leaves of the peepal and keep it till five Saturday, after which there will be rain in your house.


Coconut is considered auspicious. This is the reason why it is definitely kept in every pooja. The importance of coconut is very much in Hinduism. Coconut is boiled before doing any auspicious thing. But do you know that a drip of coconut can make you very rich? Yes, wrap the coconut in a red cloth and put it in the locker or throat where you keep your money. Doing this will remove your financial problems.


Friday is very special and it is considered auspicious. This day is called Dhan Lakshmi’s day. Whatever Lakshmi Mata is happy on this day, there is no shortage of money in her house. Please tell that on Friday, putting saffron in yellow cloth and putting silver in it will ease your financial problems. If you put a turmeric lump with it, then it will be pleasant to sleep.

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