Create such a CCTV camera from non-useful mobile phones and keep family-safe .


Create CCTV Non-Useful Mobile: Nowadays the number of smartphones in the market is increasing. So it is not great to have more than one phone in everyone’s house. Today we are learning to make a CCTV camera for those useless mobile phones. So you know how to make CCTV cameras from old smartphones.

Create CCTV Non-Useful Mobile-

CCTV camera made of old smartphone

You can apply CCTV to your home or office. That too at a very low cost. As you may know, the cost of CCTV camera has become so costly today. Actually, we are telling you how to make CCTV camera from old smartphone. Actually, for which you only need to have a smartphone or tablet and a perfect software.

Install the app to make its mobile CCTV App. In fact, you will get the Google Play Store. If you search, you will find apps appearing in the picture. You can download any app from here. But, the eighth app is the best.

Steps to make CCTV’s old smartphone.

1) Now your will start Actually, first of all you install the Athom Video Streamer Monitor in your old smartphone. This handset will be used for streaming the camera feed.

2) Next, download the Athom Monitor app on the device you want to receive CCTV feed. This phone or tablet camera will be used for viewing the feed.

3) After doing so much work, you now launch related apps on both ‘Camera’ and Phone. Now after it is online, the ATM Video Generator will generate a unique connection ID (CID) with username and password. You can enter this information on the phone that you will use to monitor the feed.

Or you can scan the QR code as we did.

4) On the device that you will use to monitor the feed, you will have to launch the Athom Monitor App (called Athom Camera on iOS) and then you can enter the above account details or use the generated QR code. You can click on the tax feed ad.

Your CCTV streamer and receiver will be up and running When Scan the code.

5) If you want to use CCTV Steam on your desktop computer? If you use Windows, you only need to download and install the Athom Camera Desktop client.

Most Important : If the desktop has a webcam then you can scan QR code like step 3; Otherwise, you have to make usernames as Step2 and have to log in.

You can add and monitor up to four camera streams in the desktop client.

6) Features like schedule recording and two-way recording in the app. You can switch between front and rear camera and enable LED flash from remote.

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