A hydrogen-powered boat is visiting the world’s oceans .

Hydrogen Powered Boat Tour World Ocean: The ship is circling the planet without the benefit of fossil fuels.

Hydrogen Powered Boat Tour World Ocean –

“TOUR”: Energy Observer a Toyota-sponsored vessel power on a six-year global tour powered by solar, wave, hydrogen and wind (yes, it’s not one that is revolutionary). During that time it will be visiting 50 countries, including Italy, where it will stop in Venice today.

“How it works”: The ship removes salt and ions from the ocean water, and then separates it into its base elements: hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is stored until it is needed for fuel. Complementing solar panels and wind turbine power.

“Why it’s important”: the crew is determined to show the viability of hydrogen electricity which has struggled to find a practical and inexpensive everyday use — both in the sea and on the ground. The ship’s captain, as Victorien Erussard, told Wired, “The idea with this ship is to prove a potential energy system of the future.”

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