Scientists said: Increasing use of the Internet will end one day from the whole world.


Internet End One Day Whole World: Internet has become the biggest need in today’s time. In the past few years, the trend of the Internet has increased tremendously. Crores of people around the world use the Internet. The internet has made our life much easier.

Internet End One Day Whole World

In today’s era the internet has become the need of every person’s life and it seems difficult to imagine life without internet. Today the Internet is used in every field. A small child of today’s generation also keeps Internet information. Since online shopping, people use internet every day for many things like entertainment, paying bills, exchange of business documents.

Internet End One Day Whole World

Internet End One Day Whole World-

But have you ever wondered where the internet is from now and how does it work? Have you ever imagined what will happen if our internet is over? You know, in today’s times the internet has become so important for us that even if the internet closes for a minute, there will be loss of millions of crores of people around the world. In such a situation, you can not even think of shutting down the internet. Today, we are going to tell you about some interesting facts related to the Internet, which will surprise you greatly.

Internet End One Day Whole World

The first was invented in the year 1969 by the DOD, the Department of Defense. It was started in India on August 15, 1995 by the state-owned company BSNL. There has recently been a shocking thing about the Internet. Let us know that the internet we use is only 1 percent through satellite. We have laid the optical fiber cable that has more than 8 lakh kilometers in the sea, in which 90 percent of our internet usage is used. The same optical fiber cables are laid in the sea, which have less damage and less cost, and a special team keeps observing these optical fiber cables.

Internet End One Day Whole World

Recently, London’s English newspaper Daily Mail News was published that, according to which according to the way internet usage is increasing in today’s time, we may have to face problems in the future. According to a report, Internet usage in the next eight years will increase so much that the fiber cables that run it will not be able to bear this load and the internet will become shaky.

Although scientists are trying hard to deal with this situation and hopefully scientists will be able to save the Internet from collapsing by exploring a new technology. For your information, let us know that in the beginning, the internet ran with the satellite, but the data loaded at a much lower speed, the technique has now become very old. At present, the speed of 255 terabytes per second has been achieved with the help of optical fiber cable and the scientists are constantly trying to get more speed.

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