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World Cup 2018 Final Google Doodle: Croatia’s President Colinda Gabor Kisarovic said he is desperate for the final of the football World Cup to be held against France. In addition to seeing the demand for passports for the fans of the country’s fans, the local authorities are working more than the appointed time.

World Cup 2018 Final Google Doodle-

Croatia defeated England 2-1 in the second semi-final of the World Cup in Moscow on Wednesday, making it a place in the final for the first time, which has become a festive atmosphere throughout the country. Google has given this final match as a doodle on its home page. FIFA World Cup This last match will be played on Sunday.

The President will go to Russia to watch the match. He said, “Whatever happens on Sunday, we are the winners.” Although I believe we will win. “He also said,” I will not go to see the finalists as the leader or the president but as an obsessive fan of Croatian football, as a person who played football in childhood. ”

France’s midfielder Blaise Mattooi praised the team coach Desachemps. Living with Deschamps, the team has made it to the finals of the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup.

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