Life can be in danger due to global warming, how to get rid of global warming?

World Get Rid Global Warming: Global warning is not just India’s problem while the whole world is. Nowadays it has become the biggest issue to emerge, but it is not being given special attention.

World Get Rid Global Warming-

Some thinkers have resolved to resolve this, but only a few people could not get rid of the problem with the initiative. It is possible for the whole world to fight together only if it can get rid of it. So let us today bring you all the information you have about global warming.

What is global warming?

The biggest cause of global warming is human beings only. Yes, Dhuadhudh of growing resources is the biggest reason why. Let’s say that in a research it is unfolded that global warming will increase so much that breathing on the earth will be difficult. In fact, pollution has a huge impact on the environment because of the amount of oxygen that has been reduced. Also, the risk of global warming is going to khatma the way the tree increases slowly becomes. Well then let’s not learn how many reasons, but the biggest reason is that it increases the use of resources.

End lives due to global warming

Its impact is yet to be seen, the evidence which awakens the won is that many organisms go extinct. Yes, there are many animal birds, such as those who have been extinct from the world. And so something else is on the verge of extinction then. All organisms on earth have the same rights, so if any one of the creatures began to disappear it should be understood that the world may soon become extinct.

Global warming has caused the worst on the environment, because every human being suffers from rough disease. Whether disease is small or large. Let’s say that human beings are living in a suffocating life today, pointing to the extinction of humans.

How to get rid of global warming?

To get rid of a serious problem like global warming first must save the environment, and plant more and more trees for it. Let’s say that even if every person in the country has planted a tree, the number of trees in the whole country will be less than one hundred crore, with the lack of oxygen gradually decreasing from the earth. Also should reduce the use of resources.

Tell us that there is a lot of pollution using the car, so we should use a public transport. Not only that, if you want long life today, it should be a task of making water clean. Let’s say that the water of the oceans rivers will remain clean. We should also take care of all the things that can keep the environment pure.

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