NASA’s Cassini Mission nominated for Amy Award .

Cassini Mission Amy Award NASA: The Grand Finale of the Cassini Mission on NASA’s Saturn planet received nomination for the excellent program from The Academy Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS).

Cassini Mission Amy Award NASA-

ATAS has nominated NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for the award.

Prime time Emais Los Angeles will be given by ATAS on 17th September.

NASA said in a statement Friday that The Creative Arts Ames will be given a separate ceremony at the Microsoft Theater on September 15.

After about 20 years in space, living in space and showing Saturn’s wonders for 17 years, Cassini was called back to Earth after the fuel was over. In the final stages, Cassini had started a new and her last “Grand Finale”, where it exposed the aspects of the planets by going deeper.

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