Risked their lives to protest, Trump flew to the senses.

Greenpeace Protester Security Donald Trump: U.S. President Donald Trump is on a tour of the UK. At the same time thousands of demonstrators came to the streets of London to protest against the US President.

Greenpeace Protester Security Donald Trump-

In this, a protester protested Donald Trump while risking his life.

This activist of the Greenpeace institution flew over Donald Trump’s hotel while paragliding. During this Trump had come out of the hotel. Along with the flight, he had also placed a banner. The banner read that ‘Trump well below par’ means ‘Trump’s work is not worth the praise.’

However, this demonstrative paraglider protested by risking his life. When the paraglider was flying, 2 sniper was aiming at the gun from the roof of the hotel. Paraglider was lucky that the sniper did not shoot at it. A Greenpeace spokesman said that the police had been informed 10 minutes before the demonstration.

Although the police say that it was a crime and the police is searching for the pilot. According to Scottish police officer Mark William, the area was no-flying zone and police is searching for the pilot for the violation.

Let’s tell you that Donald Trump has reached Britain to meet Prime Minister Teriza to improve relations. Over 2 lakh protesters protested on the streets of London.

People are making fun of them by plugging plates and baby trump in their hands. Anti-trump rallies were brought out in London People are throwing a rally with Bennar against Trump, which is being junked by writing ‘Trump Not Welcome’, ‘Not Under Trump I’, ‘Dump Trump’ and ‘Donald Duck Off’.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump has apologized to UK Prime Minister Teriza over the sensational interview given to a British tabloid. In this interview, Trump appreciated the capabilities of the former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson as a potential Prime Minister.

British leaders condemned Trump’s comments. Trump’s statement had already raised the problem of relieving Trivia in relation to the negotiation with Bregit. Taking an apology, Trump insisted that relations between the United States and Britain are “at the highest level in the case of being special”.

Let us tell you that Donald Trump has accused politicians of interviewing The Sun. Trump said, ‘I love London City. I have not been here since long. However, when they make you realize that you are not welcome here, why should I stay here?

Let us tell you that the rules of Trump’s policy of imposing travel restrictions against Trump in many Muslim-dominated countries, the detention of child migrants on the US-Mexico border and the duty of European Union’s steel and aluminum exports, was criticized in the UK. is.

Despite the performance, Trump had recently said in Brussels, “I think the UK’s people like me, they support the policies made by immigrants.” He reminded the press that his mother was from Scotland. Trump will soon meet President Putin of Russia.

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