Good news: Modi government is going to give people a gift, 25 thousand will come to your account on July 24 .

New Scheme Start Modi : If you have new ideas in your mind and you want to use them right then save this water from the Modi government, tell me the plan is for you. Under this scheme, you will also get 25 thousand rupees. Today, we will give you information about how you can get 25 thousand rupees in your bank account, so let’s know.

New Scheme Start Modi-

Found Tax Evasion

According to the news, Modi Government has started a new scheme. The scheme which has been named to tell water save suggestions. For this, first you have to register by going to After that on July 22 you will receive a phone call from the Indian government. In which you have to give a suggestion for saving water.


If they like your suggestion. Then they will enter your name and all your information with you. After that, on July 24, 2018, the entire 25 thousand rupees will be transferred to your bank account.

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