Can’t get good headphones in such a low price.

Top Low Price Earphone: Now the headphones along with the smartphone are coming up well, and the price is low, so that anyone can buy them. The headphone I am going to tell you today is the best headphone of the year, which is less than 500 rupees.

Top Low Price Earphone-

Ethnic Style Ubon UB-1250: –

The Headphone works well in a 3.5 mm jack, with it you get a separate connection wire. You get this headphone in black, red and white color. And it costs 455 rupees on Amazon.

Twogood 4.0 Stereo Bluetooth S530 Earphone: –

This Bluetooth headphone, which is a fit fit in Kano, is the most awesome, Noise Cancellation, and supports all other smartphones and i pads. You can talk up to 4 hours with the chargeable battery attached to it. And its price is 255 rupees.

Raptas MPBL-020

You will really like this headphone with the best design, because it also has a chargeable battery and a micro SD card port, so you can listen to any of the music stored on the SD card and listen to it at 499 rupees.

Rewy Mini-503V Series

Micro SD card is also supported in this headphone supporting wireless 3 meters. High bass effect and many more are available in this headphone, and its price is 549 rupees.

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