Solved Mystery Bermuda Triangle: Bermuda Triangle has been a mystery for the world for centuries. So far, many of the people who have passed through here have lost many ships and planes. But no one knows the real cause of it. However, from time to time the researchers made many claims to solve this puzzle but no claim came true. But now scientists have claimed that they have found the reason behind all this after a lot of research.

Solved Mystery Bermuda Triangle-

The Season is Deep Relationship

Scientists has been a fairly nuanced study of the weather around Bermuda Triangle. It showed them many things that they are claiming to be mystery. For over a thousand years, no one has been able to return alive from this place until now. According to Scientists research, the triangle winds are dangerous. The speed of these winds keeps 170 per hour. When a ship comes to the grip of this air, it sits lost its balance. Which is why they are accident. These breezes are moving due to its over-the-clouds.

Are the deadly clouds

The killer clouds above the triangle, ie the murderous clouds. These clouds are said to be murderous because they are quite dense. There are too many hurricanes inside them. As soon as these clouds are on the plane, the balance loses, due to which it explodes in most planes.

Clouds are spread from 20 to 55 miles

Looking at the satellite, it shows that the clouds of the clouds on the western side of this triangle (Bermuda Triangle) range from 20 to 55 miles. Passing through these are really dangerous tasks.

can’t be construed the direction of these clouds

It is difficult to get an idea of ​​the direction of these clouds even when viewed from the satellite. With winds, they can turn any direction. It is a really challenging task to keep the plane balance from passing them down.

Air Bombs are available on the Triangle

Yes, scientists claim that there are many air bombs on this island. Because of this, the winds of here are very fast moving. Whatever is in the grip of it, it gets exploded.

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