Treatment Fertility: Scientists developed went full human eggs to deal with treatment of infertility laboratory, do you know… In a first, scientists grow human eggs could lead to improvements in a laboratory for the full maturity of its initial phase, an advance that young cancer treatment fertility patients.

Treatment Fertility

Before this, it was obtained as a direct living child. But this process proved difficult in humans.

However, in a new study published in molecular human reproduction, egg cells were removed from ovary tissue in the initial phase of their development, to talk, on which they are preparing to fertilize.

The study explained how human eggs develop at various stages, which would aid research in other infertility treatments and regenerative medicine.

“Fully laboratory can widen the scope of available fertility treatments, being able to develop human eggs,” said Chief Evangelist Evelyn Telfair, professor of the University of Edinburgh.

For the process, scientists are very small before, immature human eggs placed in the culture within the ovarian tissue, where they are left to grow.

Scientists have found the first human egg to treat laboratory infertility –

Eggs grow more and more doubled their initial size, they are separated from the ovarian, before further development and monitoring.

The eggs and cells around them are then removed from the liquid culture to undergo further development in a nutrient-rich membrane.

Techniques such as chemotherapy can help protect the fertility of the girls with cancer before harmful medical treatment.

The eggs recovered from the immature patients of ovarian tissue can be matured in the laboratory and later stored for fertilization, the researchers said.

Traditional, cancerous patients have removed a piece of ovaries before treatment, but re-implanting this tissue can be re-cancerous.

“Now we are working on how to optimize aid in egg development and study how healthy they are. We also hope to find out that regulatory approvals are subject to it, whether it is fertilized They are, “said Telfair.

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