After 4 months, Kapil Sharma shared this with the fans…! Kapil Sharma, who has been struggling for a long time, is recovering. Kapil is busy shooting for his film ‘Firangi‘ these days. Recently, Kapil, talking to fans on Facebook live, told about his future plans. In a live chat, Kapil said that he has come to the gym after the last four months. In addition, Kapil also provided information about the promotion and release of his upcoming movie ‘Firangi‘ in a live chat.

Kapil Sharma shared

After 4 months, Kapil Sharma shared this with the fans.. – India Virals |

On social media, Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra also asked Kapil on Twitter, ‘When will you come to our show?’ Replying to this, Kapil said, “When you say that cad banda will be present.” Kapil’s fans on Twitter were constantly asking them to tweet them and ask them about the upcoming film ‘Firangi‘ and the show.

Kapil shared

At the same time, Kapil has talked about his show and shared all the conversations about the 2 year old Journey. Tell me, Kapil has been taking Ayurvedic treatment in Bengaluru for several days. Kapil had the problem of blood pressure, angina and sugar.

Now he went to the brakes for all these treatment. Describing his health, Kapil said, “I needed to repair my body for a good kickback. I was working for the last ten years without any breaks. I needed medical treatment to deal with problems like Exeter, Blood Pressure, Unbalanced Diet and Sugar. ‘

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