Public Sex not Banned: July 14 is celebrated as the National Nude Day. There are so many countries on this occasion, where people can enjoy being nude. People who celebrate it believe that being naked is like living near nature. On this occasion, today we are going to tell you about 5 countries where nuding on the public place is legal.

Public sex not Banned

5 countries where public places may be Nude, the government has not banned

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Here, sex can be done on public places

5 countries where public sex not banned


In Spain, Nudity is considered as a person’s right. Being nude on the beach, forest, park and roads is also legal in Spain. Spain is called the most liberal country in terms of sex or nude on public place. However, according to the law, it is important to decide that there should be no child during the sex on the public place and the rest of the people also do not have objection.


Public sex not Banned

In the Netherlands, you can roam nedacles on the streets, until you adopt an unusual way. In case of Comprehensive Sex Education to Legal Prostitution, the Netherlands is different from other countries and is quite generous. Here is the Amsterdam Red Light, one of Europe’s most popular red light areas.


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The law of France neither bans public Nudity nor allows it to be written in writing. However, in many parts of the country and on isolated places Nudity is accepated. However, sex is forbidden on the public place. But in some places public sex is also normal. Public sex is common in Cape D Edge in France.


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There is no separate law for public nudity in korea. Here in many places there are events of nude people.


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In many places in Germany, Publicly Nudity is Allau. Here some places have also been named Urban Necked Zone. Naked guys here feel the privacy.

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