50 year old women are also liked and it is also necessary to do these works. There is a general perception about women that after menopause or after 40, the desire for sex reduces in women. But recently there has been a case in which the court ruled that sex is necessary for women even after 50 years of age.

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50 year old women are also liked and also necessary to do these works !

Sex is also required for women after the age of 50, the decision has been given by Europe’s largest human rights court. The European court delivered against the Portuguese court’s decision, in which compensation paid to a Portuguese woman was reduced.

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Actually, the woman had done a case against a hospital that after her operation, her normal and sexual life became hard. The woman asked for damages from the hospital. Women’s surgery was done in 1995.

Then his age was 50 years. In the 2014 judgment, the Portuguese judge had said that sex in this age is not as important as sex. Now 72 year old Maria Evoño Carvalho de Souza challenged the Portuguese court’s judgment in the European human rights court in Strasbourg, France. Now the Bench of five judges of the Human Rights Court gave the verdict in favor of the woman 3-2.

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