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500 1000 rupee notes

There is a lot of speculation about old notes, it is difficult to become poor even after getting money. Now, there has been a lot of time for the ban on bondage. The new notes have also spread in the market. Even if the 500 and 1000 old notes in the hidden safes of some houses are hidden, then if you also fall into the category of ‘highly-sensed’ people then it is news of work for you, your notes can be used is.

If you are thinking that the government has set a new frontier for changing old notes, then you have gone the wrong path. Whether or not the government will take your waste notes … It does not know but the student of Nupwara of Odisha has come out with a precise list of these old notes.

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500-1000 rupee notes not changed yet? Here’s a Jugaad light has burned!

Electricity from 500 rupee note

In Nupwara, Odisha, a student named Lachman Dundee of 17 years, has invented the technique of generating power from 500 and 1000 notes. Lachman of Khair College created 5 volt power with 500 rupees. Lachman is not a big house boy or not a student studying in English school. Lachman’s parents are from the poor family on a wage day.

This Lal of Gudri told that generating electricity from silicon coating on the old note of 500 rupees. After tearing the note kept this coating in the sun, from where the hope of generating electricity could be seen. Lachman explains that he can generate an LED bulb and power capable of running a fan from the note.

So in that case you also have an old note of 500 rupees, then find Lachman, learn the techniques of generating electricity and use it, because no one else is worth it.

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