6 Horror Cities of the World : Can a city ever be without a city? You will be surprised to know that there are some such places in the world, where no one lives. These places have been deserted for years. Today we are going to tell you about 5 such deserted cities.

These are the 6 horror cities of the world, where no one lives any longer

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Open windows without doors-

1. North Korea

There is no survivor in the village of Kijong-dong present in North Korea. Sometimes people used to live here, but after 1953, 200 families left the village and settled in another place. Since then, the houses here have been open. Lights are lit at a time to show the world, so people think that people are still living here. Apart from this, sometimes some cleaning workers come boggling on the roads.


This place was discovered in 1886. Because of the iron mines present in that time many people started settling here. But gradually when the quantity of iron started to decrease, sari mines started closing one by one. People started leaving this place. Today this city has deserted.

3. Kayakoye, Turkey

South West is 8 kilometers from Turkey. This city is located 8 kilometers away. Many people used to live here till 1923. But no one lives in this city today. The churches and museums here make this place quite scary.

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4. Shanghai, China

A city in Shanghai was started in the name of nine villages, a project. But this project, which started in 2001, had many problems, after which the development of each city was stalled one by one. Today all the cities are deserted.

5. Priyaat, Ukraine

The city is deserted since the nuclear disaster in the city on the border of Belarus. People living here can be dangerous for one. Because of this, it was emptied. Even after several years of evacuation, the city is still waiting for people.

6. Purps, Belgium

People in this city of Belgian started disappearing after 2000. The reason behind this has not been revealed even today. Only 11 families live here. However, this city is full of cases, but still people do not want to stay here anymore.

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