Would you be able to trust their ages? The three Hsu sisters, matured 41, 40 and 36 individually (from left to right) have stunned media with their amazingly young looks.

For thousands of years, human beings are searching for such a herb on the earth, which will make him young for ever. Seeing these Taiwan beauties, it seems that they have got the herb, because age does not have any effect on them! Once it reached the threshold of the youth, and the age itself remained frightened by staying there. If these frozen beauties do not reveal their own age, then people will understand them as school-college girls. Anyone looking at their beauty will say that they are the fairies the Paradise on earth.

In the middle of the picture are 63-year-old mother, 41-year-old daughter Lure Hsu on the right and 36-year-old daughter Sharon on the left. There are even more photographs of those who speak out to anyone in the first place.

Lure (left), Sharon (right) and Fayfay (middle). They celebrated the Happy 40th birthday for Fayfay (middle)

Fayfay (third one from the privilege) has two little girls, who are eight and 10 years of age. The photo was posted by Sharon on her online networking account in May, demonstrating the family together.

Recently, 41-year-old interior designer and fashion blogger Lure Hsu found place in the media headlines around the world, with his look and edge, but now has another secret that is going to be unreasonable.

Lure Hussu has two sisters Sharon and Fayfay . The age of both is 36 and 40 years respectively. At this age, both student girls seem to be But wait … it’s nothing, their mother’s age is most surprising, because her age and beauty do not match in between. 63-year-old mother is retired dancer but looks like 16 and people often understand him as sister of Lure Hsu, Sharon and Fayfay .

These four women have given the Taiwanese media name – ‘The Family of Frozen Age’.

In a meeting with MailOnline, Fayfay said she and her sisters acquired their energetic looks from their mom.

She stated: ‘When our mom was youthful, she was inconceivable energetic looking. Presently regardless she looks awesome.’

Fayfay has two girls who are 10 and eight years of age. She is the just a single of the three kin who has youngsters.

On her Facebook and Weibo accounts, Fayfay posts numerous photographs of her and her girls. She said that when she goes out with her kids, individuals regularly think she is their sister – not their mom.

She likewise said that since she grew up with Lure and Sharon and taken a gander at her mom day by day, she didn’t understand that they looked to a great degree youthful for their ages.

The mother-of-two, who used to be an inside creator, said her dad, 74, additionally searches useful for his age, yet he doesn’t care for taking photographs since ‘he is modest’.

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