75 years ago Couple: A pair of milk had gone missing in Switzerland on August 15, 1942. Much has been searched, but Mian-Bavi did not know anything. About 75 years later, recently found his body. Due to their body being submerged in the snow, they are also almost safe in such a long time.

75 years ago Couple

75 years ago Couple was buried in the snow, now it has been found in Dead Body’s

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After the disappearance of this couple, seven of his children had to face many difficulties in life. Now 80-85 years old these children have said to give peace to this news.This is the case In the Swiss Alps on Thursday, the body of Marcelin and Franken Dumolin was found. This place is located near a ski lift, from where thousands of tourists pass each day.

  • At the place called Chandolin of Switzerland, this couple was seen last time, 75 years ago. His eldest daughter Monic has now turned 75 years old. They recall that on that night of August 15, 1942, they hugged him, called Goodnight and went out to milk the milk.

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  • When they did not return home the next morning, the villagers started their investigation. Marcelin, who was 40 years old, used to work as a shoemaking, while the 37-year-old Frankenstein was a teacher.
  • The whole village searched them, but they did not get anywhere. After three weeks, Priest of the village divided the responsibility of Monik and his 6 other siblings among the villagers.
    Monique says that after the sudden disappearance of parents, the childhood of children disappeared. They have to go to work in the Garden, Farm and Vineyard. Although the five brothers and two sisters lived in the same village, they could not even get due to work.

-Besides, the bodies of Marcelin and Franken are found at an altitude of 8500 feet. After glacier ice melts, his body came out. This was reported by ski resorts. There is a backpack, book and a bottle with dead bodies.

According to Internet Sources and News, it has become convinced that they are Marcelin and Franken. Experts estimate that they would have fallen into the snow while going for milking the night and their tomb became there. Due to being submerged in the snow, his body did not rot. That’s why after 75 years, they are still in good condition.

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