Eating Sand:  Water and diet are very important for a person to stay alive. Without food people can not survive for long. But today you are talking about a woman about whom you will be surprised. You would be surprised to know that an elderly woman has been alive just by eating sand from the last 65 years.

eating sand

This 78 year old woman has been living after eating sand for 65 years.

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You may not have believed even after reading, but it is absolutely true. We are talking about the 78-year-old Kusumavati who lives in Benares in Uttar Pradesh. You will be surprised to know that this woman has been eating sand for the last 63 years. The special thing is that after eating it digested it.

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Kusumawati says that she was 15 years old, once she got sick once her stomach started to flourish. Doctors treated them, but there is no benefit. Finally seeing a pulse, a doctor told him that he would eat half a glass of milk and two teaspoons of sand, then he would get relief. By doing this, they found comfort.

Since then, they got used to eating sand. For a few days he used to eat sand. After that the beach had left the sand. If they did not eat sand, they again got stomach upset. His family again took him to the doctor. The doctor has also done many tests. Despite this, they did not get any comfort. Now he started eating sand again. By doing so, they got rest again. Since then, they have got a habit of eating sand. On this habit his family does not even forbid them, because doing so gives them relief.

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