9 year boy in love with the 18 year queen, love marriage and then what happened is shocking ! Sony is a serial to debate on TV is going to grow. However, with already the subject from the start of the show were questioned in several ways. Thereafter now other television series actors have also started to raise their voices against it.

9 year boy in love with the 18 year queen, love marriage and then what happened is shocking!

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The Sony TV show “Charlie dispute” Pia is being continued. Show boy of 9 years, who falls in love with a 18 year old girl. Not only then he also proposed to marry the girl of his double life. This concept has been a lot of criticism about. Please tell the serial actress stunning light Vyngankr made princess Singh, 18, whose husband’s age of just 9 years. Child actor playing the role of Prince Rtn Sinh, Affan Khan show.

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He left further wrote, “that other people do, I think our community people are not like this show. Everyone would like someone who prays as well for part of the show for him I want good and all, but we should not be associated with a show just work Digest is not an option, but Enjoy the work should Krna. ‘I am not speaking of all pride, but we can make a better show. ”

Please tell that this show that has mocked the allegations leveled went determined to be that marriage in this show is age, which could adversely affect societies. Through this show is being promoted as child marriage is a message to society.

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