When Aamir Khan gave reply to Pakistan. Was going to be released in Pakistan. All the preparations for the film release were completed. Meanwhile, the censor board of Pakistan has placed a condition in front of Aamir. In the film, which is the national anthem of India, the Jana Gana Mana is being thrown away.

When Aamir Khan gave reply to Pakistan. Was going to be released in Pakistan

Aamir Khan will not remove the said. I do not want to release riot in Pakistan. Aamir Khan suffered a loss of at least 20 crores but he did not remove the national anthem Jana Gana Man from his film. What if Aamir does not have this patriotism? Aamir is worried about his country and has shown it many times. Against corruption, he made full support of Anna. Along with Anna Hazare, sitting on the platform. Aamir Khan showed concern about the country and the society, through Satyamev Jayate. Amir came from a show in which she did not take the TRP of the show but seemed concerned for the country and society. However, once upon a time, they came in disputes about their statements, but in the real life, along with the film curtains.

Aamir has created many such films that bring honor to the country. In the year 2000, his film I was Lagaan. The film was selected in the Top 5 Foreign Film category at the Oscars Awards. Aamir Khan’s film raised a voice against the British in Lagaan and he was defeated in his game. Feeling of great patriotism in Lagaan Aamir Khan plays patriotic role in many more films. Aamir Khan has given a new kind of country-of-faith message on his film screen. Whether it is Bhavwan of Lagaan, Rang De Basanti’s DJ or else Sarfarosh’s Ajay Singh Rathore! Aamir made a lot of voice in his films as a patriot.

1999 Aamir Khan appeared on film screen through Sarfarosh This film, which highlighted the intense relations between India and Pakistan, touched the heart of every Hindustani. After this, Aamir Khan starred in the film Rang De Basanti in 2006. After this film, Amir became the patriot face of Bollywood. Aamir’s film Mangal Pande, which was a flop in the year 2004, but the title song of this movie raises patriotism in the heart of every Indian.

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