New Delhi: Aamir Khan returns to work mode after recovering from swine flu! Bollywood actor Perfectionist Aamir Khan, who returned from recovering from the swine flu, was seen in a public event a long time later. Aamir was walking ill for several months due to the swine flu. Seeing it, it is estimated that Aamir Khan has returned to work again.

Due to swine flu, he had to stay in the house for a long time but now he has been cured. Aamir also presented the song ‘I Kya Hoon’, the song of the movie Secret Superstar.

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A few days ago, Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan could not join the water foundation in Pune due to swine flu. Through the video conference he attended the show.

Film Secret superstar’s being made in home production of Aamir Khan is a 14 year old girl Insiya who wants to become a singer but the girl’s father did not want to be their girl singer. Actress Jaira Wasim is playing the role of Insea’s character in this movie.

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